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typeit4me.jpgI just realized I hadn't posted anything on TypeIt4Me yet. TI4M is an absolutely fabulous* utility that expands my abbreviations to full-grown blocks of text (words, paragraphs, etc.). For example:

"ejb" expands to "Erik J. Barzeski"
"hns" expands to ""
"fssw" expands to "Freshly Squeezed Software"
"teh" expands to "the"
"becuase" expands to "because"

So, not only can it save you keystrokes when typing your name, but it can correct typos. In the terminal. In your browser. In your email app. In your development environment. Nearly anywhere you can type.

I hope the next version supports a few more built-in expansions, such as "whatshewantstohear" and "whateverwillgetmelaid." He'd sell a billion!

* Obligatory "fabulous" footnote.

4 Responses to "TypeIt4Me"

  1. "whatshewantstohear" expands to "I love you."

    "whateverwillgetmelaid" expands to "I love you and I can afford a full carat, vvs1 brilliant cut diamond that is a D on the color scale."


  2. Wow. I had no idea this one still existed. After all, last time I used it was almost TEN years ago, on a Macintosh LC I. :-O

  3. I was thinking the same thing. Take about a shelf life.

  4. When I wrote about TypeIt4Me the other day I didn't realize I'd not yet written about LaunchBar except in passing, so here's a post dedicated...