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Ain’t Technology Grand?

In "Creating High-Res PDF Files For Free" Andy lists the several pieces of software necessary and the several steps it takes to get a PDF out of Linux. He somehow sees fit to end this with "Ain't technology grand?"

  • Unzip the PPD archive and copy the ADIST5.PPD file someplace useful.
  • Run the PostScript windows driver installer.
  • Tell it to use the "write to file" device.
  • Tell it to use the PPD you saved off in step 1.
  • Funny, I just choose "Print" and then Save as PDF. Actually, I don't - I choose "Print" and then I use 10.2.4's Print Services to choose my Desktop, Entourage, Acrobat Reader, BBEdit, or several AppleScripts I have set up to post-process the PDF. Creating the PDF is the easy part. Deciding what I want to do with it is the "long" step. Y'know, about five seconds.

    Ain't technology grand?

    3 Responses to "Ain’t Technology Grand?"

    1. Too bad the Mac OS X 10.2 pdf algy doesn't do much compression (if any) for us.

    2. Yeah, that's the downside. But if we wanted, we could do all the steps he wanted. It's just nice to have the simpler, easier version available. Print, Click a button. Bing bang bada-boom. Wham bam thank you ma'am. [Insert your own sexually laced phrase here.]

    3. "Step three: there is no step three!"