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“Duh” in Retrospect

This one falls into the "Duh" category. As I was reading through this article I saw an archive format like this:

<MTArchiveDate format="%Y/%m/%d">

How had I been doing that very same thing?

<MTArchiveDate format="%Y">/<MTArchiveDate format="%m">/<MTArchiveDate format="%d">

I'm not sure why I was doing it this way. Maybe the manual suggested it. Maybe I wasn't sure whether slashes inside of <MT> tags worked the same, who knows. Anyway, I've updated my "Starting a Blog (with MovableType)" article to reflect my newfound un-duh-ness.

2 Responses to "“Duh” in Retrospect"

  1. Are they working in the same way?

  2. Yes.