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F = ma

If "a great time" is F, and m is "me," solve for a. The answer? My fabulous* new… physics partner. Heh.

I spent time ostensibly helping someone with some physics last night. She's got a test coming up very shortly, and though it was intro physics, and though I'd spent no less than four solid years studying physics, some of the intro stuff took some time to come back to me. Four, sometimes even five seconds elapsed before I could recall that rf = ri + vit + 1/2at2. 🙂 I say ostensibly simply because she kept thanking me, and really, I was the one who felt I should be thanking her for getting to spend more time with her. Being able to help, hopefully, was icing.

I cooked her dinner (myself too) and she liked it more than I did. Flint liked it a lot. We studied, we ate some cake, we visited the neighbors, we had some Dove bars, and we studied some more. We made fun of some PC people and each other. We smiled, we laughed… I can't say enough good things about this girl.

This morning after we woke up early (I took a dive on the couch, she with Flint the lucky grey bastard in the Tempur-Pedic) and got some energy from Einstein's, we hit the books again, typing up notes and doing some reading. She wirelessly printed "Isn't this fun? :-)" (smiley included) to my printer beside me from another room while IMming back and forth. It made my week.

Am I looking forward to the next time I get to see her? You betcha.

* Obligatory "fabulous" footnote. Yes, it's still an inside joke. Far be it from me to give it up before I've sucked every last ounce of fun out of it.