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French Kissing

Je parle français. I'm sitting here eating French bread, doing work, and thinking about french kissing. Why? Cuz I'm eating French bread and I'll be damned if I'm going to go around "freedom kissing" or eating "freedom bread." As to why I capitalize French in bread but not in kissing, I don't know. Incidentally, one of the first sites (1996) I ever really put any effort into (it doesn't show, believe me) is still online. Guess what? It's about my trip to France.

4 Responses to "French Kissing"

  1. Here, here. Let the French be - no more unwarranted France bashing. The French gave me my last name, my heritage, and a great vacation back in '95.

  2. Sorta reminds me of 'Liberty Cabbage' (sauerkraut) and 'Liberty dogs' (Weiner dogs). Screw changing the names we are used to as a form of rectionary 'patriotism' it's false.

  3. I like some of the "reactionary 'patriotism'". 😉

  4. >

    It's just legal to capitalize in bread...