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My Very Own Coke Machine

Very very very tempting. From Ars technica.

Very tempting. Let's just say I've put this on a bookmark list that I review very very frequently… Has anyone done this? I really doubt it. I should try to cut back, instead. It can't be good for me. But still, very very tempting.

One Response to "My Very Own Coke Machine"

  1. Well, I've got something a lot more low-tech but serving the same purpose: A Soda Stream Carbonator that's operated by hand and I pur in syrup afterwards.

    I admit that it does lack the Wow-factor of the professional setup, but it was cheap and is easy to maintain - and you get 80% of the convenience for a fraction of the cost. (Plus I don't have to carry bottles up to the 4th floor anymore. 🙂 )