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Support the Troops

My friend Daria's finished putting together a Web site at the request of a client: I Support Our Troops .US is ready for your digital signature. If you want to link to them, do so using either of these badges.

Whatever we may think about where our troops are sent, or what they are asked to do, Americans, overwhelmingly, are grateful to the men and women who defend us. Everyday, these brave people endure separation from their families and put their lives at risk to protect us and the freedoms we cherish.

Support our fellow Americans, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with their being there in the first place. Here's hoping whatever does happen is minimal, fast, and relatively painless for all involved.

5 Responses to "Support the Troops"

  1. Support

    I want to thank NSLog(); for the link to the Support US Troops button. This is a fantastic idea and

  2. The way to support US troops is to get them out of war.

  3. Overly simplistic logic wins again!

  4. I support humanity, without any such categorical distinctions. So, without revealing personal beliefs, I think saying simply "support U.S. troops" is misleading and biased. It's funny that I haven't seen any rally cries to "support the impoverished citizens of Iraq" - for my heart would go to them well before I considered the well-being of armed troops, no matter where they were from.

  5. Do you think our troops would rather be fighting in Iraq or at home with their loved ones living their normal lives? support our troops - bring them home now! supporting our government in sending our troops into harms way to fight an unnecessary war is not supporting the troops.