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Minority Computing

I often wonder how much of the Mac's near-imperviousness to viruses is due to its smaller market share and how much of it is due to better technology and common sense (i.e. no system-wide VBScript-able auto-executing address book/emailer):

Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday warned about a serious flaw in all versions of its popular Windows software that could allow hackers to seize control of a person's computer when victims read e-mails or visit Web sites.

Sigh… More here. Said Matt, "To be fair, the circumstances that this bug would affect anyone are pretty rare. You have to be reading email or visiting a web site. Who does that these days?"

3 Responses to "Minority Computing"

  1. And then, how much of it is due to virus writers' pure burning hatred of Windows?

  2. And then, how much of virus writers' pure burning hatred of Windows is due to the pure burning bullshit this OS is, and to the illegitimate marketshare this pure burning bullshit OS gets?

  3. Minority Computing? Is that about how only one Rican uses a Mac?