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I got a blender and a coffee maker today. I've already made smoothies with my industrial-strenght blender. Mmmm, piña colada. Jamie has a recipe for strawberry/banana that she'll hopefully demonstrate some day. I like those flavors. Of course, I'll use it for some more "manly" drinks too, like tequila sunrises. Y'know, when all the friends I have that can't drink for medical reasons come over. 😛

The coffee maker, well, I don't drink coffee, but I'm going to try to learn. I got some "Chocolate Fudge Brownie" from Barnie's that I'm going to try. And perhaps I can somehow rig the thing to make me some really good hot chocolate. Anyone ever done that?

2 Responses to "Smoothies"

  1. Embrace the caffeine my good is nothing but good for you.

  2. Still got those Smirnoff Ices? *sigh* 😐