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Survivor 6.6

I'll be a bit shorter this week, I think. Today I'm preparing my taxes. Joy. 🙁 As you'll see, this week can best be described in one word: Lame.

Christy was shocked at Heidi's turning, but not upset? Lame. Roger responds to Christy's question about "why Jeanne and not me?" Dave is upset with the answer, because that's not why she was picked. Dave, man, you just aren't playing the game. The next day, Heidi and Christy are set aside as all three guys wander off to fish. Still separated? We'll see. The guys may be playing the girls after all.

In Jaburu, Matthew acts pretty weird with the toothpaste, but it must feel pretty nifty after two weeks without. Rob continues to act like a dumbass, asking girls to kiss him. He describes the fact that nobody wants to make out with him "surprising." Nick has labeled him the "Hornball Loser" - seems to fit.

"Girls are different than boys" says Deena. Alex and Shawna, awwww. Lame. You're playing a game. Be tactical. Shawna or Alex are going to go this week if Jaburu loses. Jenna, for being a swimsuit model, is doing a good job of making herself invisible - and that's a good thing in this game.

Log rolling? Great challenge, reminds me of the strangling Rob of last year put on Clay. I've seen loggers do this when ESPN has no other programming - the trick seems to be to pick a direction and run faster than the other person. Wearing flip flops and sandals really can't help. Jenna had some of those aqua socks on and still lost first against Christy. Butch rocks Mattew. Whoever takes control first is winning - the secret seems to be to make the other person react to you, as in any sport, really. Jenna leaps off at the end? Uhhh, hello, that was for the match. Lame.

Jaburu is going to take a bath to celebrate losing. Horny men bathing with a swimsuit model and the woman (Shawna) who was already voted hottest. Rob chimes in with his silly goofy (aka "Hornball-Loser") shit. Rob, what the hell is up with your tighty bathing suit? Uhhh. People haven't worn those since 1988. Lame.

Butch shares his "defining moment" - Christy's smile last night and another smile today. Dave's silently stewing. Butch is a stupid, and if this isn't an attempt to simply get Christy into the fold so that they can easily turn on Heidi next time they need to, then Butch is just a dumbass. For his whole speech I award him a coveted Lame.

Alex is losing his interest in playing the game, as Hornball-Loser points out. Deena and Rob team up (she has breasts and a pulse - "fair game" in Rob's world). Rob's been playing hard, and Deena has Jenna. Matthew is brought into the fold. "Rob seems genuine" he says? The only genuine bone in Rob's body is the one with which he's hoping to poke a few chickies. Matthew: Lame.

Rob talks about how Matthew is being played. I'm reminded of some sort of quote about never underestimating your enemies, but, we'll see how it plays out. Maybe Matthew really is "an idiot" as Rob says. Maybe, as Nick mentions, the men are really just playing the women. After all, since the cross-pollination, the count is easy to measure - Women voted out: 2, Men voted out: 0. Both without ties or problems. Yeah, I spoiled the , but that's the perk of editing afterwards.

Jenna looks totally pissed/bored at this "Shawna on a date" game. Shawna "needs that presence in her…" well, she said "life" but I was going to say "genuine bone." Matt is laying on Shawna, Shawna is laying on Alex, and Deena is talking about the game. She's playing - good for her. Shawna, you deserve to go. The younger women may think they've got game, but Heidi, Christy, and Shawna are some of the worst players I've seen to have lasted this far. Lame.

The meat challenge? Awesome. This may be the best challenge I've ever seen. Nuttin' sexier than a scary-haired blonde with beef and sauce all over her face. Ha! Okay, all the "kissing" to get the meat out was pretty darn interesting. Very amusing. Tambaqui wins it by a half a kilogram.

Shawna is an idiot. "I don't want to go, but I'll put my head on the chopping block for the girls." That's incredibly stupid. Lame. VOTE HER OFF. She's asked for it a few times now. They're doing a good job of hinting at the outcomes of Tribal Councils this year without making it too obvious. Jeff's asking good questions.

Hornball-Loser is rolling his eyes while Deena talks about "the Love Shack" because he's the only one not gettin' in on the lovin'. The closest he's come is "I had a bath with a swimsuit model." He calls it though when voting: Shawna is a really terrible Survivor player. Alex votes for Matt, the "threat." Whether he means in the game or for Shawna I'm not terribly sure at this point.

Bye bye Shawna.

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