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Swedes Have More Fun

kronprinsessan_liten.jpgIf blondes have more fun, you'd think Sweden would be a prettty rockin' place, wouldn't ya? Turns out the Crown Princess Victoria (the next queen, to the right) is a lovely brunette, as is her sister Princess Madeleine.

I talked with Judi yesterday about stereotypes, and Jamie too, and it's a fairly established stereotype that Swedes are light-skinned, light-haired, blue-eyed, big-breasted types (excluding the men perhaps) when, in actuality, that's quite far from the truth.

Is it Sweden or Switzerland that has a lot of study-abroad CS students? Jamie can tell me. My memory is failing me at the moment. Really though I'm just rambling to put off the taxes thing. Hum dee doo… Have I typed enough to get this entry to wrap below the picture? I hope so. I'm done.

2 Responses to "Swedes Have More Fun"

  1. Swedish women don't have particularly big breasts, blondes are about as common as brunettes but most do have a "lighter" hair color. Then again, Sweden has a fair share of immigrants who look like wherever they're from..

    Speaking of big breasts, I saw more breast implants in the two weeks I was in Miami/Fort Lauderdale than I have my whole life in Sweden.

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