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Tax Day

Today is my tax day - I meet with my CPA (of one year) later tonight. I'm surely about a billion dollars behind in debt, having 1099'd nearly the whole year. It's a very weird feeling to have to tax myself: I get a $4000 check and I have to take out $1500 to pay into a social security program that won't exist when I retire. Florida has no state taxes (not income taxes, anyway - everything else is taxed higher). I do have a lot of expenses, though. Business expenses: WWDC: $2000. DV Camera: $3500. Cinema Display: $2000. 12" PowerBook: $1800. 1/3 of my rent (for office space): $400. We'll see how it comes out… Until then, I shall remain fairly well depressed.

One Response to "Tax Day"

  1. Today I took my prepared tax return to the post office and deposited the bastard in the mail. The envelope looked like this: It had...