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white_roses.jpgI love /usr/share/misc/. 🙂

[10:26am iacas@Gaia:~] % 
cat /usr/share/misc/flowers | grep Rose
Rose, any color:Love.
Rose, deep red:Bashful shame.
Rose, single, pink:Simplicity.
Rose, thornless, any color:Early attachment.
Rose, white:I am worthy of you.
Rose, yellow:Decrease of love, rise of
Rosebud, white:Girlhood, and a heart ignorant
               of love.

A bit lame on the color listings there, though! What's a geek to do, c'mon! Oh wait, geeks buy their women new joysticks, right? O:-)

I propose that some women geeks get together and rectify this situation. What are the differences between peach and pink roses, for example? Inquiring minds want to know.

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