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Icon Artist Needed

orangeeel_icon1.gifFreshly Squeezed Software is seeking a new graphics/icon artist for one or two upcoming projects. Ideally, we'd like to hire an up-and-coming icon artist: we get icons for less dough, they get one of their first clients for their portfolio. The app in question is shown to the right - and that's about all I can say at this point.

Our former icon artist has been fairly unprofessional for the past six months, promising things and simply going 404 instead. The folks that designed the MailDrop icons are none other than The IconFactory; they did great work for MailDrop, we just can't justify sp a few thousand dollars for what will be a $19.95 niche app.

Anyone got any recommendations? I appreciate quick turn-around and we're relatively easy to please. Any up-and-comers out there? I'll post the results here and keep everyone updated, and do what I can to promote the guy we hired. After all, that last guy, based on our recommendation, was hired by MindVision, which only adds to the amount by which I am irked that he couldn't show a little more professionalism in finishing up our work. 😛

13 Responses to "Icon Artist Needed"

  1. are doing a great job.

    I don't know how professional they are, though 😉

  2. I second

  3. I talked to the "iheartny" guy myself and was told (after a long delay) that he was too busy. I also talked to the Betts Bros., and found them to be nice--except that they promised to do some work for me and then promptly forgot about it! That was OK, though, because in the intervening time I finally managed to convince The IconFactory to take on my work.

    I worked with Dave Brasgalla (of "World of Aqua" and Panic fame), and he did a wonderful job on my application icon. You can see it here. I'm going to (hopefully) work with him again to do some toolbar icons.

    Dave really is the best in the biz, as far as I'm concerned, and, though The IconFactory is a bit pricier than the likes of "iheartny" and Betts Bros., the extra cost is justified by the high quality and attention to detail. My only complaint, I suppose, had to do with how busy the IconFactory people are--I did find that I had to really keep on them about my work. But that sort of thing seems to be par for the course in the icon world--"artistic" types, I guess :-).

  4. Don't get me wrong: I totally feel that IconFactory is worth what they charge. However, it doesn't make much sense to spend $5,000 for icons if you don't expect to make $5,000 (making these #s up) from your product. (We do, actually, but we'd rather not go six months just to recover the cost of icon production).

    So yes, I again recommend IconFactory… when possible. In this particular app's case, it's not possible, and we want to help some up-and-comer out if possible.

    Yes, the "iheartny" guy is busy, but part of that is due to us, and I'm big on honoring previous commitments. He seems to have forgotten both.

  5. Sorry about that, I didn't read your post carefully enough before responding (missed the part where you mentioned that you had worked with IconFactory before but had ruled them out this time due to cost).

    I think the thing I've found to be very weird about the whole icon design business is how busy everyone in it seems to be. Who knew that there were so many patrons of the icon arts out there :-)! In addition to the people I mentioned above, I also talked to at least two other people and was told in each case that they were simply too busy.

  6. Hmm...the icon you've displayed invites all kinds of interesting speculation. Oranges around the world? Or perhaps a massive organization of sentient oranges communicating with each other? Or wires embedded in iFruits?

    Inquiring minds want to know....


    Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Although, if you do - can I get a finder's fee?

  8. I have done some icon work for websites -- you can browse my portfolio (link below). Feel free to contact me if you're interested. 🙂

  9. I would be very interested in trying my hand at this one. You could be assured I would not ignore you. I am definitely in need of the publicity and would love to undertake a project that gets exposure on a Mac. You can check out some of my work on my web site. I currently do web sites and graphic design freelance right now. Best of luck in your search and hope to hear from you soon!

  10. A friend gave me a link to your page since I've recently started getting into icon design and while I'd love to take a shot at it there are far better people for the job. I'd personally recommend Foood.

    His web site is

    I'm sure some of you will have seen his work before. Good luck with you're project.

  11. I will work closely and conscientiously with you to make satisfactory icons, if they are not already finished. View examples of my work at:


    I respond to email within hours if not faster and am NOT overburdened.

  12. Grrrrr.

  13. I'm a new up-coming artist. I love art! It's what I live for. I've taken 4 years of art course and looking forward to taking more at Bloomsburg University. I dont stop until a job is done. I've already been hired to draw designs for tatoes. Give me a shot and I promise you wont be let down. I'm only 17 and I can only get better from here. Contact me and I'll find a way to show you some of my work.

    (570) 739-4190 or my cell (570) 640-9270