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Oh the Profundity

From J, because "a spankin' new MySQL book was released and amazon felt obliged to let me know":

The unexpected pleasure of reading books about databases is that they are often written by authors with highly organized minds.

"Oh the profundity!" she says. Je suis d'accord. Heh.

One Response to "Oh the Profundity"

  1. I just got Command Prompt, Inc.'s book "Practical PostgreSQL", published by O'Reilly for 6 bucks off of Amazon. Shipping cost as much 🙁

    Good book, even though it covers an older version (7.1 v 7.3, though not THAT different)

    I think it is interesting how there is like one or two books on PostgreSQL, and everyone and their mother writes a book for MySQL. I know MySQL is more popular, but I find PostgreSQL easier to work with and, as an ORDBMS, much more capable.