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Pretty Woman Moments

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3 Responses to "Pretty Woman Moments"

  1. Heh, sounds familiar! I recently proposed to my girlfriend of many years, and had a similar experience.

    I have to do the corporate dress thing for work, so on weekend I do tend to slum it a bit. I went to 5 jewlery stores here in town before I could find someone who would treat me as a human. I did get a lot of pleasure by visiting the other stores and showing them my reciept.

    Well, technically, I only *thought* long and hard about the last part, but even the imagined look of shock on their imagined faces made me chuckle 🙂

  2. One of the nice things about living in Redmond, Wa is that they have to treat you with respect. They never know if you are a MSFT Millionaire. It's funny that after two days of coding a software engineer looks a lot like a low-life bum. 🙂


  3. But oh how these places take care of you if you go in looking like a potential customer. I was up in Baltimore visiting Tara, a girl who I've been good friends with for quite awhile (though, not that kind of friend). We went out to rent a movie and there was Jarrod's (sp?) Galleria of Jewelry and I've always been interested in precious stones and metal and Tara, being a twenty-two year-old girl, is by nature, completely enraptured by wedding/engagement rings (even if she doesn't have the husband to go with it).

    I'm also twenty-two, clean cut, and I generally dress in a business casual fashion (it's just more comfortable in my opinion). We'd barely gotten in the door and the manager fluttered up to greet us. She immediately offers us coffee/cappucino/bottled water/pastry/bagel. She then asks us if we'd ever been there before. We hadn't, so she took us around and explained the various sections and wondered if we were looking for anything particular, I slyly smiled and said no, that we were just looking and gave her a half wink. She, of course, waited on us hand and foot for duration of our stay. 🙂