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WWDC Date Change

WTF? WWDC is now June 23-27 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco? WTF?

It's official. WWDC 2003 includes the next major release of Mac OS X, codenamed "Panther."

I guess I won't be going this year. Bummer.

4 Responses to "WWDC Date Change"

  1. Wow, thanks for the pointer. From the press release:

    "Moving to June ensures that every developer will leave the event with a copy of Panther in their hands."

    Hopefully the Moscone move was because they expect a ton of developers this year.

  2. Thank Fsck I'm so lazy I haven't bought my plane ticket yet (London to San Jose) - would be an expensive date change I'll wager.

  3. I'm not happy about this. For me, the "Mac conference in June" is MacHack. I'm the sessions chair for MacHack this year. Dropping WWDC on the week immediately following MacHack means I've probably lost all my Apple speakers, and half of my big names.

    Apple knows about MacHack. What the hell happened?

    Avi (blog entry)

  4. Some of us have already booked flights and hotels. It's not going to be cheap to change .. what a great way to piss off developers.