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Danger SDK

sidekick.gifNicholas Riley, Steven of Panic, and others are getting into some HipTop development. The SideKick as it is called by T-Mobile is easily one of my favorite gadgets even though I have little "real" use for it - I have a cell phone and a laptop, after all. However, when an SSH client comes out, wooo hooo, believe me when I say that its practicality will skyrocket. Absolutely skyrocket I say!

Will I upgrade to a color HipTop when they're available? I don't know. Will I even renew my current plan? I don't know. I sure as hell wish Cingular would offer some sort of coverage, because T-Mobile's coverage is spotty at best, and I really don't like having two providers. I'd rather consolidate under one. I have used about four of my HipTop's voice minutes - usually to demonstrate how well it works as a phone - and I'm "wasting" the other 1194 or whatever I get.

Either way, development of some cool apps never hurt a platform. I was going to write more about Danger's somewhat, uhhhh, restrictive licensing or terms for the SDK, but I'll let those go for now. Here's to hoping they're relaxed a little…

3 Responses to "Danger SDK"

  1. Mobile OS fight!

  2. I've been wondering... When you check your email on the SideKick, does it use your minutes? Or are minutes only used when you are using the phone? What about using AIM, does that use minutes?

  3. Those are all data, and you're given unlimited data (currently) with T-Mobile for the first year of your contract.