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GameBoy Advance SP

gameboy_advance_sp.jpgIt seems that Chris Pirillo has picked up a GameBoy Advance SP. I got mine last Thursday and have been playing some golf - Mario Golf from the old days - on it. José recommends CyberTiger so as soon as I can find that for $14.99 or so I'll pick up a copy. I've got some baseball, some hockey, Tetris, Tony Hawk, and one other game for my GameBoy. My neighbor kid has most of my old original GameBoy games.

Zelda should be arriving soon, and I pre-ordered and paid for it quite some time ago. It's pretty sad, but I'll wait for a guide to come out, because I like playing the game, but I don't want to have to think about it. I think about things all day, every day - when I'm sitting in front of my TV playing a game, I don't want to be thinking about much. I just want to run around and kill bad guys without wasting time solving puzzles. If I had to do that, these days, I'd never finish a full-length console game (Pikmin is pretty short, and I completed it in a few days, and I've barely gotten 15 minutes into Mario Sunshine).

P.S. Yes, the GBASP looks kinda like a mini Titanium or Aluminum PowerBook, and yes, this is yet another P.S.

8 Responses to "GameBoy Advance SP"

  1. Tit? 🙂 That's one way to raise your ranking on Google. Might wanna fix that little typoo.

    Zelda. I got one... is there a new one coming out or something?

  2. Wind Waker man! I should have clarified that I was doing a Nintendo post in general - Wind Walker for the GameCube. I won't edit or your comment wouldn't make any sense at all given that the "tit tit tit tit tit tit tit" typo was removed. 😀

    Typing "tit tit tit tit tit tit tit tit tit tit" raises your Google rating? Heh heh heh.

  3. Picked up Zelda just this afternoon in fact, and I have to say I am mighty impressed with the look, game play as well, but it sure does look cool. I also enjoyed the past month playing through the old 64 OoT, which I use the guide on the first time (since I totally agree with ya) but this time I am gonna see how far I can get then revert to the guide. Still thinking about the GBSP. PS. Did I tell you how crazy Wiemeraners are?

  4. Wait, you're going to get Zelda but not going to bother with the puzzle-solving? Man, that's like saying you like simulator games but only if they include an arcade mode 😉

  5. I'm going out to pick up my preorder of Zelda today. Woo.

    I bet I get about 15 minutes into it before I go and do something else. I own about 20 GCN games and have not finished one of them. 😐

  6. Damn.. the new GBA looks *nice*! I was gonna get my paws on a GBA way back when they were new, but in retrospect, I'm very glad I didn't. 😉

  7. i need a gameboy advance sp because i dont have one

  8. Gameboy advance sp is dope.I got one and the build in light is cool because now u can play it anywhere.I recommend anybody who does it have one get one.