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Kasia is looking to start a blog list for Connecticut. I've emailed her (no repsonse yet) regarding my own plans (I think I can call them that) to start a site for Florida bloggers and suggested that perhaps she and I (and others) could create a national database and site. We'd filter on zip or area codes, or counties, and states of course. I'd be responsible for entering in Florida's information, she could enter in Connecticut's, and others could take up the slack for the other states until, in the end, we had a national "find people blogging in your area" site. I'd really like to do this, whether Kasia is involved or not (she's yet to reply to my email).

Given the above possibility, my "Florida Blogs" idea is on a bit of a hold. Is anyone else interested in helping me with this national thing? The obvious things are needed: hosting space (I could host a one-state list, but probably not all 50 states), some help with the code, perhaps some design(s), etc. IM me if you're interested at "iacas" on AIM, or email me.

P.S. "USA" for now simply because we have zip codes, area codes, etc. I'm sure an international site could be done later by someone with a bit more free time than I could ever hope to contribute…

P.P.S. Yes, I realize "" is taken by "Janeva Corporation."

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  1. Umm, maybe I'm missing something but ...

  2. You are missing something… I have no interest in using None. It's not related to blogging, it requires me to change code on my site (something not everyone is capable of doing), it can't sort by county or zip code, etc. It can't be pinged, it can't really be searched, etc.

  3. CT Blog site?

    Kasia is looking to start a CT blog site. I think it’s a fine idea, both for exposure and networking/community. Link via Erik I’ve been seeking out local blogs to see how others may be reacting to Connecticut-specific issues. Haven’t...

  4. Oh, guess you told me 🙂 I've been a little behind on my emails.. sorry, I'll answer tonight, and for a quick answer, yes, I am interested and hosting space wouldn't be an issue as I have tons.

  5. How about just hopping over to the open directory project (, which is so overloaded it is often down, but people can freely mirror their data as they see fit - I know of several such mirrors), where they have the category /Computers/Internet/On_the_Web/Personal ( ) and suggest that they have a By_Region subcategory that contains various regions that webloggers might choose to identify themselves with and their weblog links inside there?

    This has the benefit of contributing back to open content as well as fitting in with an already existing infrastructure of open content editors/mirrors/etc....

    You could even host a modified mirror of a subset of the dmoz content (such as just these entries) elsewhere (such as other hosting arrangements you may be working out) and then contribute them back - so that this way you need not worry about being down, etc....

    Think of the potential - a regional ISP could mirror the list of blogs in that region, etc....

  6. But rather than just mirroring a subset of DMOZ, if this was built for its specific purpose, someone could find their local area, and find all the recent updated blogs in that area, if those blogs pinged the site.

  7. Erik, go register before it gets taken. I think that'd work fine for this, and enable others to use europeanblogger, asianblogger, etc.

    Hell, get 'em all and then when people want them just have 'em give you the registration fee or something so that you know it'll be a good set of sites.