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Jeremy writes about's customer service. I too cancelled my account his morning, prior to having read his entry, and faced the same bullcrap. In fact, I'd have cancelled in January but I never got around to calling them back.

What bullshit! They have no problem at all allowing me to increase my charges by using their web site. I can add subscriptions, purchase book recordings, and even MP3 players. But now I want to send them less money per month and they suddenly start caring about "a change in the financial status of an account."

It's pretty damn ridiculous - he's right. I had recommended to some people, but until this policy changes I can't continue to do so. It's almost like online shopping cart software that requires a phone call to remove items.

Bullshit is right.

2 Responses to " As Well"

  1. That reminds me of the way EverQuest works - recently, I noticed that they were still charging me even though I thought I'd quit long ago. I was under the impression that buying one month's subscription meant just that; instead, they automatically renewed it at the end of each month without bothering to tell me.

    And how do I unsubscribe? I can't even do it on their website, where I can easily purchase more game time. Instead I had to install the game, wait about half an hour for all the patches to download (thankfully I wasn't on 56K, or it'd be a nightmare), and only THEN did I get the chance to unsubscribe, from within the game.

    It's quite obvious that they didn't want anyone to unsubscribe, ever. And the sad thing is, a lot of online services (including, it seems) are like that. :/

  2. I knew if I looked on line I would find others that had had enough of Audible. I told them over a year ago to either tell me how to make the software work or cancel my account. They have never gotten the software to work. There were no charges on my checking account, so I thougth I was OK. Was only a year later I found out I had given them my Visa not my checking number (stupid me). Even though I don't use the service and they have never fixed the software, they have billed me religiously every month. So much for the "new corporate ethics".