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Blog Spam

On my previous note about TrackBack spam, here's an article to which I wished to link for a few days now. It's not TrackBack spam, but it is comment spam - another function of blogging that I enjoy tremendously. The day all of this stuff is ruined is the day I'll stop. I think that eventuality is coming - I just hope that the technology changes to leave our current "wide open and waiting for abuse" system in the dust before we reach the "this is no longer worth it" point.

5 Responses to "Blog Spam"

  1. Quick and dirty fix

    I did some searching and found a quick fix for comment spam. This post is mostly just future reference for me to remember that I added this fix (for future MT upgrades), but I definetly recommend others adding this fix, as well. http://weblog.burningbi...

  2. Spam comment attacks

    So here I am, sitting down to eat some dinner, and I decide to quickly check my site. Boy am I glad. I quickly stopped a comment attack. I caught them before they could hit me with more than 22 comments, but if I had not, all 800+ entries on...

  3. I actually experienced comment spam not too long ago. I was lucky to catch it early on before they hit all my pages. I have pinged you with my two blog posts about MT Comment spam, hopefully they will be of interest.

  4. Is the comment in the page a comment spam? I'm trying to find out what blog spamming is. I canot find an exact definition or exact guidelines on that. This is the first time I read about comment spam and TrackBack spam. Can you give me a clue.

  5. Ah, I read that people is blog spamming using automated sctripts. Is it possible to enter dat into a blog using a script and not directly? Sorry but I just found out about blogs and I'm new to the subject.