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Genies and Old Jokes

A silly old joke I found somewhere:

A Mac user found a magic lamp with a Genie in it. The Genie said he wasn't as powerfull as other Genies and could only grant one wish. So the Mac User brought out a map of the Middle-East and asked the Genie if he could bring peace to the people there. The Genie said "Ah, you see, its hard to do that. Those people have been fighting for years. Its a religion thing, and about territory. Why as soon as they are teenagers, they go to war. Pick something else." So the Mac User said, "Ok, make the Mac OS a pre-emptive multitasking system, that is crash-proof and stable, has support for multiple processors, and still has 100% compatibility with all the current Mac OS apps." So the Genie shook his head and said, "Ah let me take a look at those maps again....."

Look which happened first. 😛

2 Responses to "Genies and Old Jokes"

  1. Ah, but Mac OS X doesn't have 100 % compatibility with the then-current Mac OS apps -- in fact, it's very close to zero compatibility. You're forgetting that Classic is not a Mac OS X feature but instead a feature of both OS 9 and OS X. OS 9 apps need OS 9, which gets booted on top of OS X in the form of Classic. OS 9 itself doesn't even ship with the retail Mac OS X anymore. And even if you can acquire and install OS 9 to run Classic, it's only compatible with the 85 % of Mac OS apps that also Copland supported in its limited compatibility mode.

  2. And so the Mac OS - 9 and X - has near 100% compatibility. Works for me. I'd consider that goal to have been met. "Will this app run? Yep." Case closed. Even MacPaint runs.