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Invader Zim

gir.gifJust as Josh gets me to watch Invader Zim they cancel the damn show. I'm not big into animé, and I don't typically care for cartoons, but the whopping two episodes of Invader Zim were amusing, funny, and witty.


20 Responses to "Invader Zim"

  1. Invader Zim is a truly excellent cartoon, one of my faves. I've seen the whole series, even though it's not on TV over here - try looking on KaZaA or some other file-sharing network, it's pretty easy to find episodes on DivX or MPEG. 🙂

  2. Yup, I'm an addict myself. There's a gigantic cult following for the show out there, and you're likely to find some MPGs or AVIs of episodes if you look hard enough. I have most of the show in VCD myself, and am looking around to complete my collection

  3. Why is his head so big? Why is his HEAD so BIG?

  4. Gir is my hero!

  5. invader zim is not anime!!!! it's american as it's creator jhonen vasquez... don't sound asian or japanese to me.

  6. um....XD Jhonen's Mexican.


  8. yeah Jhonen's definatly mexican, have you read johnny the homicidal maniac? its sick but its hilarious. don't read it if you're impressionable... it really makes suicide seem liek a good idea... its not for the cultic weak of mind.

  9. aight boys and girls, who knows where/if you can get invader zim DVDs yet?

    By the way... did zim get canceled because of all the cults? I think its back on but i dont blame them for canceling it.... that's just plain wieerrdddd.

  10. invader zim has to be the best damn show i have ever seem, i hope they start showing it again.

  11. (speaks in GIR voice) 'I love this show' So appropriate!!!!!!!!! ZIM RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. woooot dib rulez zim ,and gir is the best dam robot ive ever seen so they should putthis show on 24 7 cuz it rulez

  13. Y the h*** did Nick cancel the show? WHY?!?!?!?!?!!

  14. I love gir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I am crazy about Zim and gir. 😉

  16. I damn Nick.;(

  17. its not fair i love invader zim i dont miss an episode but then thay cancelled it so i sent them a complaint letter

  18. Zim lives again. 🙂 on nicktoons network. on my TV it is channel 85.

  19. i ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY LOVE invader zim. i never watched it when it was first created but just recently started (bout a yr ago) i love invader zim sooo much !!! it was rediculous that they canceled it and they should definitely bring it back. i heard nickelodean had major issues with it and canceled it and then used a lame 9/11 excuse to try and tell ppl that after 9/11 the thought of alliens attacking was too disturbing. they are lame and retarded and should definitely bring it back. even if cults and stuff break out ... thats just too bad because its not up to nick to prevent ppl from being in cults, its up to the ppl joining them and you can like or even love a show or even be obsessed with it and stay out of cults. nick really should think about the horrible choice they made.
    -Courtney ♥
    p.s.- &nd if u have a problem with wat i just said then e-mail me rite now and tell me !!!

  20. they canceled it because u could see flashes of gir covered in blood in some episodes.BLOODY GIR ROCKS!!! 😆