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Is this too blunt? 🙂


On 3/25/03 9:43pm, "joey somebody" wrote:
> Name: joey somebody
> Email:
> Phone: 123.456.7890
> Fax:
> Inquiry: I am considering buying the latest version of maildrop but have a few
> questions...

Thank you for writing.

> 1. How do I send an image using maildrop. I am using the demo to send html
> but the image is not coming through.

You should use complete URLs: as we mention in the documentation.

> 2. I am unable to use the same recipient settings to send a second email to
> the same group. For some reason it does not send. Does this have to do with
> the demo version?

No, you simply need to mark everyone as Queued again. This is covered in the documentation.

> 3. Will I be able to upload email addresses from an excel database on my home
> computer?

Yes - see the documentation for the import methods.

> 4. Can you send me your phone number so I can speak to a representative?

I don't think that's necessary. We typically prefer to call customers as well. Currently it's 10pm.


Kindest Regards
Erik J. Barzeski

Freshly Squeezed Software - The Main Squeeze in Mac Software

Grrrrrr. No idea whether this is the response I'll send yet. I think it may be…

4 Responses to "RTFM Man"

  1. Nah, that's not too blunt. 🙂

  2. Agreed, I think it is fine.

  3. It's fine, Erik. However, to be fair maybe Joey hasn't downloaded the demo and therefore hasn't had access to the documentation. Maybe you could have the documentation available as a separate download and link to it from the FAQ page?

  4. Judi, he says in the message that he's using the demo.

    The message is fine Erik. I don't see anything with it that's out of line. Actually, for you its quite subdued. 😛