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Listed on BlogSharesI'm not sure what BlogShares are, really, but here's mine. I used to play a fantasy sports thing where you bought stock in athletes, and their stock rose and fell, and you sold shares in Michael Jordan to pick up shares of Mark McGwire.

This might be fun, but, more investigation is necessary… 😐

6 Responses to "BlogShares?"

  1. BlogShares

    Well, I am now a member of BlogShares. Invest in me!...

  2. Now Listed!

    ...hoping to become a good investment.

  3. If you read, you'll see that they don't want you linking to them yet.

  4. D'oh! Will repost this later. In the meantime, will be replacing this post with a comment or something.

  5. It's pretty much official, now. Go go go! Update post.

  6. BlogShares

    Alright, I'm jumping on the band wagon --- I'm now on BlogShares. Hell, it's gotta be safer than playing the real stock market. When I heard about this, I though of a stock market-type game I played in high school...