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Follow the Bouncing Database FS

The filesystem in Longhorn is something I plan to follow (and am, I suppose*). Dominic Giampaolo has been at Apple long enough to have worked some ideas into Panther, perhaps, so maybe Apple has more up its sleeve to match this than we may think.

I've read enough of Scot Hacker's stuff to understand how much he liked the BeFS, and he made a case for things like the organization of MP3s with various metadata. A media-smart meta-data-heavy DB FS would be pretty handy for, well, me, a database developer (among other things).

* Why do you suppose by the same root word you're given a suppository?

2 Responses to "Follow the Bouncing Database FS"

  1. My opinion: it's way too ambitious and will be scaled back significantly. I could be wrong though--maybe MS will surprise us...

  2. I wish the spatial organization metaphor for the overall management of files will survive.

    Folders created, named and located (as and where he wants) by the user instead of by the system...

    Folders that contain just the files the user intends they do...

    The "browser, database, search engine metaphor" for searching and cataloguing files is not necessarily a bad thing, but its punctual advantages could be attained by the capabilities of an enhanced and "X-ized" version of the old OS9 Sherlock.