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Metal Everywhere? Ugh.

OSNews reports on (and gets feedback on) the widely reported possibility of all of Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) being metal. Matt and I have railed about the Mac UI Consistency for quite a number of entries (currently that search nets you three of the better results, and will be four soon with the addition of this entry).

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ugh. If Apple continues to ignore their own HIGs, well, just "ugh."

4 Responses to "Metal Everywhere? Ugh."

  1. Bad, bad, bad idea! I'm already getting sick of the amount of metal on the screen when I have Safari, iTunes, and one or more other iApps open--all metal would be decidedly unpleasant :-(.

    I know that, as the author of a metal app, my moral authority on this issue is rather weak, but I promise I will never check that little box in Interface Builder again :-)!

  2. That would be awful. It seems so heavy on the screen.

  3. From what I have heard from various sources, this is true. As for HIG, I think Apple won't have a problem with that as they can always revise them before Panther to say "everything that is part of the OS is metal". 😉

  4. Next OS X to be all metal?

    Many are hinting that the next version of Mac OS X, "Panther", will sport an all metal interface and I have to agree with Erik, an all metal OS X would suck. I remembering watching the original Aqua introduction back on the WWDC 2000 DVDs and while not...