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From inluminent comes a pretty nifty résumé. These are the kinds of résumés you can put together when you're unemployed for a week or two, I guess. 🙂

I interviewed with Apple yesterday and realized my own résumé hasn't been updated in about a year. Since then, I've added quite a bit of knowledge and experience - working for Apple, starting my own software company, etc. Oh well, no reason to update it. That's one of those things I do when I need to.

P.S. As to the title of this entry you'll have to see the résumé.

2 Responses to "Achoo!"

  1. Interactive resume, way cool!

    A way cool froody interactive resume.

  2. Joli CV

    Je suis retombé, grâce à NSLog();, sur ce CV assez exceptionnel. Il m'en faut un!Parlant de NSLog, il m'apprend que...