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Even More Bad Mac Software

As if we didn't have enough of an uphill battle fighting off the REALbasic developers out there, MacCentral reports that:

REALbasic creator REAL Software Inc. will soon offer its developers a new tool that may help ease the conversion of Visual Basic projects to the Macintosh. VB Converter enables Visual Basic programmers to port their code to REALbasic. It automatically coverts Visual Basic forms, projects and code into REALbasic-compatible code, comments the changes, and also flags code that wasn't converted.

Great, so now we have to worry about Windows VB apps on the Mac too. Woe is me, woe is me!

6 Responses to "Even More Bad Mac Software"

  1. Yikes. This is only good news for PerversionTracker!

  2. VB Programs On the Mac

    Can we form a coalition to take these guys out special ops style?

  3. I have a really hard time believing it will work well, so it is probably not much of a threat :-).

  4. I can't see this being a big deal. The COM based components (eg. Active X) won't port over, so most current VB apps won't even run.

  5. Yeah, but anything that could possibly get Visual Pinball running on the Mac sounds promising to me. Anyone? Anyone?

  6. Actually customers report to us that most VB projects port over without too much extra effort. Most don't use COM or ActiveX components and those that do often provide some functionality that is already built-in to REALbasic.