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Pet Peeve: Rubbernecking

I hate rubbernecking. On a 35 mile drive home from a pal's place this morning, I encountered two separate incidences of RubberNecking™. Both caused 4-mile backups that took delayed me by 10 minutes apiece. On a 35 mile trip. Both times the cars involved in an "accident" were 100 feet from the road in the middle median area. Do people expect to see severed heads or something? When do you ever see anything at an accident? How many retards hitting their breaks are necessary to cause a 4-mile backup?

The shitty thing is that the people causing the backup - the ones hitting their breaks to do the first RubberNecking™ - get away without penalty, for they're effectively at the head of the backup. They just drive off. Grrrrr… Great start to the day. >:-o

One Response to "Pet Peeve: Rubbernecking"

  1. Of many things I don't miss about Florida - Driving is number one on that list. Philadelphia is a breeze compared to Tampa/Orlando/Miami and Florida Interstates in general.