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RSS It or Lose Me

From somebodydial 911 comes:

This is an insipid notion that discounts what actually occurs -- when the RSS aggregator that I use (NetNewsWire, shown above) refreshes and displays the latest content from the RSS feeds that I subscribe to. I then follow links to the stories on their site that I'm interested in reading in full. It's free dissemination of information about the content that's available on a website to drive traffic.

I rarely visit some sites I used to visit daily, while others - like XLR8YourMac, which added an RSS feed after I'd asked for one, are getting far more of my attention lately. I used to visit daily, and now I almost never visit. MOSR? ThinkSecret? Where are your RSS feeds? What about my other humor sites? 🙂

Point being: I like NNW, I like aggregating RSS feeds, and I visit a wider variety of new sites because of it. I read more news now than ever, not less, and I use my browser more as well. I just don't hit my "Dailies" bookmark folder nearly as often as I used to.

10 Responses to "RSS It or Lose Me"

  1. NNW has literally changed the way I view the web. It makes my daily crawl much quicker while allowing me to get much more news and info. I'm in love.

    P.S. For the life of me, I can't find XLR8's feed. Care to share?

  2. Me too. I pretty much don't visit sites which don't have RSS feeds.


  3. The only pages I visit on a daily basis are cell phone news sites for my postings on MobileTracker. I have a folder of about 20 sites on my favorites bar in Camino and just go down the list.

    For Mac sites... if they don't have a feed they aren't worth my time.

    I'm an RSS junkie--105 feeds currently. How many do you have?

  4. Erm, I didn't mention that I'm addicted to the Drudge Report. No RSS feed there, but it's still great stuff. I've been known to leave it in a tab since it refreshes automatically every 5 minutes or so.

  5. Currently I have 135. I think I started with around 20, and they were nicely organized in subfolders at that point. Now they're just alphabetized.

  6. Where? 🙂 Here's mine.

  7. Chris, every few weeks my blogroll is updated, and thus appears on my main page and some archives and whatnot.

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