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Bye Corey

Given that Corey Clark was disqualified from American Idol today for beating up his 15-year-old sister and bouncing checks, I wonder if they'll actually vote anyone off tonight or whether they'll just let them sing. Perhaps they should consider voting off Trenyce as well, given her dubious past as a felony-level thief. Regardless, I'm going to start calling her by her real name, "Lashundra Cobbins."

2 Responses to "Bye Corey"

  1. To me, there's a difference between admitting guilt, and successfully completing a diversion program, and being _currently under indictment_ for a violent offense. Besides, if you excluded everyone with a dubious past from reality shows, we wouldn't have a Fox network. Hey...

  2. Nick says it about the cut, and I'd previously predicted it (I give myself little to no credit for that, and consider it a "common...