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The Evil Bit

The Evil Bit is a pretty lame April Fool's joke. This is the best that the brightest minds in the world could muster? Bummer. There are one or two previous IP jokes at

Anyone have any good April Fool's jokes? I liked Unsanity's and CPAN's (this one won't work after today). Adam has one or two moderately amusing ones. Michael is keeping a list.

8 Responses to "The Evil Bit"

  1. You're right. Evil bit == not funny.

    I gotta disagree, though, the ol' "ha ha we got bought by (whoever)" joke isn't funny either -- not even when I did it.

    Maybe I am just getting too old and curmudgeonly to find net humor all that funny anymore.


  2. It is funny that CmdrTaco posted it 4 times (and counting), yet people still are complaining it is a dupe. Don't they notice that the SAME person posted it multiple times?

  3. Okay, the dupe thing is funny.


  4. has a good buyout joke going.

  5. April fools!

    I am sorely dissappointed with the internet's April Fools jokes, this year. Last year we had Google's Pigeon Ranking, this year the best I could find was PerversionTracker's buyout, and that was due to the fact that they uglied up their own website, ma...

  6. This is the best I've seen so far.

  7. in fact the unsanity one was a copy of the rogue amoeba one (which is much better)...


  8. Here are some:

    Google Gulp:

    Linspire’s Ltoast:

    Boing Boing - A directory of Dull Things: