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American Idol: 9/8 Contestants

I had the pleasure once again of watching American Idol with Jamie last night, and her presence goes a long ways towards explaining the delay on my commentary. Nick beat me to it once again, and even David Hyatt beat me. I've not read their commentary yet. Here is mine (and Jamie's).

First off, I was surprised that they were still voting someone off. Having kicked off Corey Clark for being a child-beating check-bouncing liar (allegedly), they were left with a hole. Will they make up the week some day? Who knows. Either way, kudos to Fox for being up front about it and not just shoving it under the rug (à la Frenchie).

Rickey, dude, sucks. He looks like he's squinting, he's off key, and I could barely hear him over the background vocals this week. What the heck? Even the guest judge - didn't have anything good to say about Rickey, nor did Randy or Simon. Paula, of course, was her usual self. I give him a 3 this week.

Carmen sang a Gloria Estefan song that I didn't know counted as disco. Her vibrato is entirely too fast or something, because it really, really annoys me. She sung within herself. Missed a few notes, but overall, one of her better performances. She needs some more training - she's surely got the look and the potential. Just not yet. Give her a 5.

Kimberly Caldwell, once again, sung pretty damn smack dab in the middle. This girl needs to make the most of what she's got instead of making what she's got the best. She's just average from week to week. I keep saying she needs to bust out and start singing, and since she was in the bottom three last week, her time may come sooner than I've thought to this point. She gets a 5 as well. The arrangement sucked, Randy was right.

Clay, dude, you've got pipes. You hit your notes. You can - as shown tonight - remain incredibly powerful even through a looooooooooong held note. But dammit, man, every song you sing sounds the same. You're going to place second or third if you don't crank it up. Sing a fast, fast song. Sing something with some fast beats. Sing something people can dance to. You've gotta change your style a little, show your range. Have you got a range? For a technically great but otherwise "been there, done that" performance you get a 7.5. One addendum: he mixed up some of the notes and it put a nice spin on the song. I like that. It shows confidence… but it's just confidence in his one style.

Lashundra Cobbins, the thief, is no Chaka Kahn. She sounds too Whitney (but she's no Whitney). She didn't do anything to make the song her own. Blah. Not as bad as Rickey by far, but not so good. She's lumped with the other girls at 5.

Ruben was told by Simon that he should win the competition. Isn't this the third person he's told that to? Frankly, I found his performance uninspiring. Ruben's slipping in my mind. He, like Clay, sounds the same every week, but unlike Clay, seems to have to work for it. He's no Barry White, so I criticize his song choice. He's just not deep - or powerful - enough to pull it off. He gets a 6.

Kimberley Locke started off horribly. She couldn't hit those low, talking notes at all. However, she turned it around once the singing started. Jamie mentioned "you don't wear shiny satin with a gut like that" and I'd have to agree. I understand that she was going for the disco look, and all, but you've still gotta try to look good. The hair, the outfit: bad decision. I give her a 6 for pulling it out. I think the guest judge said it was one of the harder songs of the era? Or was that another song?

Joshua, ugh. Nothing about his performance was good. His stage presence sucked, his singing was off-key and badly timed. Ugh. He gets a 2. He was sick, so I want to cut him some slack, but whatever. The guest judge says "the show must go on" and I agree: Josh instead seemed to give up. I don't want a lazy performer, and I certainly don't want a lazy marine.

Who should go? Trenyce/Lashundra because she's a convicted felon or either Rickey/Josh because they suck.

Currently I rank the Idols as such>

  • Clay
  • Ruben
  • Trenyce/Lashundra
  • Kimberly
  • Kimberley
  • Carmen
  • Josh
  • Rickey
  • Almost all but the bottom two are very, very close at this point, for various reasons. Clay could drop a lot because he doesn't seem to have a big repertoire bag, Ruben because he's uninspiring, Trenyce/Lashundra because she's a bitch who tries to be Whitney but isn't, Kimberly because she's just average, Kimberley because she's inconsistent and sometimes downright horrible, and Carmen because she hasn't matured into her voice yet, and I don't see that changing in the next six weeks.

    10 Responses to "American Idol: 9/8 Contestants"

    1. The problem I have with Clay is that everything he sings sounds like it is the soundtrack for an animated Disney movie. Likewise, I can't get rid of the visual of Kim C singing at a theme park.

    2. Better than having everything that comes out of his mouth sound like country (cough Joshua cough).


    3. I'll add one to the list. Carmen sounds like she is giving some sort of Banshee war cry with her virbrato. I keep expecting her to rush the judges table and kill Simon. 😉

    4. In honor of Nick:



      A foolish or stupid person.

      A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.


      If god wanted me to spell, he wouldn't have invented spell check. =p

      1) Virbrato should be vibrato.

      2) Judges' table



    5. I think that carmen is awesome! GO CARMEN! You should vote for her she is a sweet girl and has a great voice! You should give her a chance!




      4)kimberly C.





    6. You talkin' crazy woman. Carmen and Joshua in the top three? Ha!

    7. rubin is the best i rank them rubin clay josh

    8. I think the ranking should be

      1. Ruben

      2. Trnyce

      3. Clay

      4. Kimberley

      5. Josh

      And I am not going to rank Carmen because she does not belong there .

    9. Simmon is a dummie

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