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If anything I ever post on this site becomes /.ed (i.e. completely unavailable due to millions of dorks clicking through to my site because it was posted on, I'll just shut down my server or redirect that domain to /. itself until the link drops off of the front page.

I haven't got the time, desire, or cash to put up with being /.ed, and I'm in the camp that believes that /. editors should ask permission first. They know what effect they have - and they joke about it. They argue that you shouldn't put online what you don't want to be made available to everyone, and while that's true, I argue that I never expect - or want - everything I publish to be available to everyone at once. Normal traffic to my server is fine - I expect it. An explosion caused by a link on /. is not.

Another solution - one I file under "too much work for me to bother with right now" - comes from Jon Rentzsch and uses Apache's mod_throttle. Since I'm not a big fan of just linking to things with little commentary, you got my mini-/. rant above free of charge. 🙂

5 Responses to "/.ed"

  1. Just don't post anything worthy of being /.ed. You haven't done so at all yet 🙂 (not really, that's just a sort of generic insult that could probably be applied to any blog).

  2. Yeah, that's what I thought, too...

    "And then it happened to me."

  3. Check out:

    for OS X binaries to help protect your server from being /.ed to death.

  4. You mean the thing I linked to in the last paragraph, there, Mikey? 🙂

  5. Slashdot effect

    Slashdot is so lame these days. First of all, Linux is like 90% communists. That's why it's called RedHat. CyberMonk's post about the so called 'slashdot' effect nails the dilemma head on -- you want to be uber popular, and...