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Sports Night DVD

sportsnight_dvd.jpgMy friend Dave comes over once a week to watch Ed, West Wing, and Fastlane (usually on Wednesdays, which means now that Ed and Fastlane are repeats for me). It's a good time: we have some pizza, we argue a little in good fun, we bitch about the women in our lives, etc.

Today Dave gave me a belated birthday present: the Sports Night DVD collection! Wooo!!! Awesome gift. The show won three Emmies but it's underrated still. Sorkin wrote it, and both a current Ed star and two West Wing stars have been on it as well. It fits nicely into my TV viewing habits. I'd been recording episodes from Comedy Central the past two months, but having the complete set, again, wooooo!!! Thanks Dave.

Guess what I'll be doing this weekend…

6 Responses to "Sports Night DVD"

  1. Lucky you. I didn't know it was out on DVD, might have to pick it up.

    Its really sad though. Between it and Freeks and Geeks, the networks showed in 1999-2000 how stupid and unpatient they really are. They were two of the best shows ever produced and were killed so that we can have all the crap that's on now.

  2. Such a great show. I've been trying to justify buying the set myself. I just wish there were more episodes 😀

    Course, I should probably take the hint when my favorite shows are winning TV Guide's "Best Show that Nobody's Watching" award year after year...

  3. Best.



    Absolutely worth every penny. I've contemplated buying a second in case one dies and you can't find them on the shelves anymore.

    Don't we all wish there were more episodes? The most truly depressing DVD experience of my life was popping in one of the later DVDs in the set and realizing that the next season wasn't coming out in another 9 months, and that what I was holding was all that there are.

    Getting depressed already.


  4. I got the DVD for my husband when it came out the end of last year. He watched every episode straight through in about 4 days. I watched most with him and I was amazed at how good it was. Way before its time.

  5. Best sitcom ever? Best television show ever!!!! The writing, the acting, the casting....I laugh, I cry, every time I's perfection!

  6. I hope the whoever was in charge of pulling the plug on Sports Night has since been sodomized by an angry gorilla and his banana.

    Sports Night is THE most amazing show I've ever seen. And working in the television sports industry, it hit the nail on the head as far as the reality of the show. Is there anyway to get this show back on the air?