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For Sale: ASC/SSC

I'm looking to sell the domains (and the sites that go with them) AppleScript Central and Sound Set Central. They do quite a bit of traffic every day, have sold over $50,000 in advertising in the past four years, and are pretty much ready to go. There's a huge backlog of submissions.

I've been too busy - and when not busy, too apathetic (and wanting to be away from the computer) - to maintain these sites, yet I don't want them going offline. If a buyer is not found, I'll get around to updating them shortly. No reasonable offer refused and first come, first served. Just email me.

2 Responses to "For Sale: ASC/SSC"

  1. I originally parsed that as "ASL" and thought "what a brilliant domain name!" (well, kinda). I think I need more sleep though 🙂

  2. I previously put two of my sites on this blog's virtual auction block, but only received offers (and plenty of them) from people whom I...