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No Pants Fridays

Chris Pirillo proposes "No Pants Fridays" just as the episode of Sports Night (episode 22) in which Dan and Casey have no pants comes on. I've been watching my Sports Nights DVDs while doing work yesterday and today.

4 Responses to "No Pants Fridays"

  1. I'm watching Thumb DVDs.

  2. Press stop right now! With so little good TV available, I don't want to hear of people wasting the good stuff with half their attention. SportsNight should be savored like a good wine not treated like a background thread.

  3. Pantsless Friday

    Fridays have now officially been decreed No Pants Fridays. All bloggers are being officially requested to blog in their undies on Fridays. Robyn is asking for pictures. Sadly, I am wearing my PJs already tonight, do those count as pants? If yes, we'll ...