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Rock Climbing 5.8

I can now safely say that 5.8's are well within my abilities as a rock (wall) climber. After beating a few 5.9's and 5.8's, towards the end of my climbing session tonight, I tried 5.8 I'd never done before and climbed fairly easily to the top, no problems. The 5.8 that's been giving me trouble (it's a long reach with a hand to an awkward hold for me) was conquered fairly easily today. I'll give it a go next time and a 5.9 I failed at after keeping a hold longer than I thought I might.

Jamie made my weekend with one word: "beef." It's what's for dinner.

One Response to "Rock Climbing 5.8"

  1. Nice, I remember when I started climbing. It's a lot of fun. I was working on 5.11 when I stopped. Then I just did bouldering all the time. Someone needs to kick me in the ass and get me going again. Happy climbing - keep up the good work.