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Survivor 6.8

Day 22 and the Survivors are playing with Roger's underwear. What the hell? Rob's bugle hasn't been tuned? Hmm. And Deena's panties are on fire? What the heck is going on in the Amazon this week? Let's find out.

Dave says nobody knows what's going on in this game, and he's finding himself on the outside. Butch and Dave wander off to build a dock? Dave thinks he's the smartest guy, Mr. Adventure, Mr. Personality says Rob. He's right. Rob, not a bit jealous are you? Rob's planning Dave's departure, though. Dave is the strongest and he gets along with people. However, that makes him the biggest threat. Dave needs to start playing the game.

Blood scares Matt, but the creepiness has started. Matt apparently wants to sharpen every machete. Whatever - I can chalk this one up to some clever editing. There really wasn't much footage.

Interesting challenge, but man did people struggle to get even the second one. How the heck are they going to get to the fifth? Rob, Christie, Butch: weak. Couldn't they get the fifth one first? DId they have to go in order. Do the tougher ones first, because then as you get tired the challenge becomes less.

Deena, Alex, Dave: it'd almost be to Dave's advantage not to win. It'd simply show that he's strongest. It'd take him away from the tribe where he can be talked about. Dave's fair in his choice of partner, though: choosing a teammate and then showing no bias with the "fingers behind the back" deal.

Dave must take advantage of this opportunity. Deena is a key member of the existing alliance, along with Rob, and Dave's gotta step up and do something! This could be his last week otherwise. Then again, they don't seem to like Matthew much. Too early to call. ACK! I didn't need to see Dave's legs as he disrobed! Damn you CBS. Okay, now what the hell is so funny?

"It does not take a proverbial rocket scientist to figure out that I'm fucked" says Dave. Deena says "you're the strongest." Now Deena says they may accelerate the plans to remove this week's psycho: Matthew.

Jenna and Heidi wander off to bathe, leaving Hornball Loser (his title has been reinstantiated) to wish he was Dave again. If his balls were any bluer he'd have to be a smurf. They say "I think Dave choosing Deena was definitely a tactical maneuver." It may turn out that way, girls, but duh: it could have just as easily been Alex - they had a 50/50 shot with the finger thing, and both were on his team for the challenge.

"Twigs and Sticks are nicknames for Jenna and Heidi. I know that I would certainly catch on fire if I saw Twigs and Sticks rubbing together." Another good one from H-L Rob. Funny shit. Good thing Rob is aware of the manipulation of his blue-balledness. He says he's playing the game with his big head (ha ha), but we'll see.

"Screw you you fat pig" - gee, tell us how you really feel, Miss Swimsuit Model. Ugh. And Jenna, if there's extra fish, and you can catch more, frickin' let Dave eat the damn thing. And now: Rob's jealous of Dave again! News flash! And there we go: a Sleeping with the Enemy reference. Saw that one coming a mile away.

"Gnats hang out at a dirty human head like it's Studio 54." C'mon Nick, you've got to give the man some credit simply for being amusing! He may be the most amusing Survivor yet! Rob has apparently totally hoodwinked Matthew. "I'm clueless and Rob has taught me a lot." Uhhh, he's apparently not taught you that it's a game in which only one person wins, and so any "advice" he's given you is pretty damn sure to be helping Rob, not you buddy.

Wouldn't it be funny if someone forgot the immunity necklace at camp?

This is not the challenge for Rob. However, if you recall two seasons ago, this "group" challenge very clearly indicated a pecking order, and Vecepia and the others very clearly saw it, regrouped, and turned.

However, it may be too late to save Dave at this point. He has only one ally - Butch - and Matthew could be if he weren't so taken in by Rob. All 6 people have to do is guarantee that Dave doesn't win. Easy. Matthew's voted out first by Heidi. Matthew takes out Dave. Christie takes out Alex. Rob gets every question wrong - smart tactical maneuver? Christie takes out Rob. Jenna takes out Butch. Heidi takes out Christie. Jenna takes out Deena. Jenna takes out Heidi to win immunity. Rob stares on thinking "I'd like to give her a necklace. A pearl necklace!"

Okay Dave, prepare yourself. Matt's making a late bid for some "crazy man" votes with the shoe-sawing. But I'm still betting on Dave. Heidi tells him he's got a 50/50 chance, but it's not looking that way at all. Dave, 7-2 (Dave/Butch being 2). Someone might throw a sympathy vote or a warning shot.

If Dave goes, Butch is next, and then Matthew, unless something odd happens. We'll see. The women will be equal to the men if either Matt or Dave leaves. That's going to hurt. Rob feeds Matt some bull, and Deena laughs. Heidi says "I thought it was really funny that the girls were the last four at the immunity challenge" and then she dishes out a gem: "The guys pretty much eliminated themselves." Wow. Rob's keen on that too, but there are four women, and only one of him. Top 3? Top 5, sure. Top 3? You're gonna have to work, Rob. Top 4 can be made with the guys.

As Nick points out (my TiVo'ing and sp time with Jamie is really hurting my ability to beat Nick to the punch, you know!):

I've made rocket scientist cracks at Dave before, but I have to give him credit for self-awareness ... he's so much more aware of the reality of being toast than people on the chopping block often are. Alex's statement that he's the biggest threat, though, brings up something that's nagged at me for some time now. I don't know why they call the strongest person the biggest threat ... that's clearly never the case ... not this early in the game. The challenges are staggered such that there's no real way that a strong person is going to win more than three or so in a row, so the strongest people can never really be your biggest threat until six people or so left to go! The real threats here are the masterminds, the alliance ringleaders. In this case, Deena and CST are truly the biggest threats. Why don't people ever get that?

And there we have it: Dave is on the jury (even Butch must have turned). Dave may be the fairest juror ever. He may favor Butch just a teeny bit, but he knew he was going, and so I don't think he harbors any ill will towards anyone. We shall see.

Next week on Survivor… a power struggle? And a fish bite? The latter is a silly story - who cares - so perhaps it's a boring show other than the first. Rob "is really in charge" he asserts, and frankly, he seems to be. That may turn out to hurt him in the end, but, we'll just have to wait and see.

4 Responses to "Survivor 6.8"

  1. My friends and I were arguing as to whether Rob really is in charge. My roommate and I assert that he is, while the other two claim that Deena is running the show. I don't know, from what I can tell Rob is the puppetmaster right now, annoying as he is, but maybe it's just because they give him so much damn camera time. The guy never stops talking.

  2. Ineluctable

    adjective 1. Not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable. Ahh ... back on Thursday night. I feel like Survivor's back

  3. CST, for those of you who didn't read my take, stands for "Cheap Sex-Toy" ... Rob's nickname of the week.


  4. What began as a battle of the sexes ended as a battle of the sexes: Matt vs. Jenna. Sanity vs. Insanity. Brawn vs. Beauty. 6...