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Why is it that you can lay on the beach, and then get tired? What about the sun, and getting cancer a tan, that fatigues you? The small headache I have right now I can understand - I haven't eaten much today and try as I might, I couldn't block the sun from making my eyes feel a little burnt out today. But the fatigue? What's up with that?

2 Responses to "Suntired"

  1. gah! i hate you 🙂 it's cold and wet here. snow is predicted for the middle of next week. brrr. i wish we were getting some decent sun. lucky you. enjoy it 🙂

  2. Kind of like how driving or flying tires you out too.. Weird. I didn't go to the beach this weekend but still got roasted. Go figure.

    I'm in Tampa BTW. Florida Bloggers!