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Blog Pals

A few friends of mine have gotten blogs lately, and I wanted to take this time to point them out. They're all running MovableType because, go figure, I'll be their support line and I'm most familiar with it. I also think it's the best blogging software out there.

  • Dave Schubert has a blog at his own name .com. He's a busy guy, so he doesn't post too often, but if you're interested in learning theory it's worth a look.
  • José Ramos, my "freakin' Rican" friend, has a blog up at He's busy with a bouncing baby boy, so he doesn't post too often (yet) either, but I keep pushing him to.
  • Gabe Sanchez, a fellow Apple employee (oh wait, every one of these people are Apple employees…) has a blog up at He's an aspiring filmwriter/director, among other things, so I encourage him to be creative in what he posts.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we have Jamie. As a geeky gift I gave her the domain tits and wits .com. The current joke is that it sounds like "tit sandwich" and so that's the name she's given it for now. She's been looking around for things like "" and others, and so I figure "titsandwits" is a clever little take-off of "beauty and brains." The point, in general, though is that just because someone is female does not mean they're girly or stupid.

So,, and Somehow all of those make somewhat less cool, don't they? At any rate, check 'em out, leave a comment, make them feel welcome. Thanks.

One Response to "Blog Pals"

  1. Great site guys... Keep up the good work 🙂