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Final Cut/DVD Studio Pro, Shake, Logic Platinum

fcp4_box.jpgApple today announced the "Pro" series of software: Final Cut Pro 4, DVD Studio Pro 2, Shake 3, and Logic Platinum 6. I've already placed my order for FCP 4 upgrade (from FCP 3 Student). The sales person assured me that this was possible. If this turns out not to be true, well, I'll just check Apple employee pricing on FCP 4.

Now I just need some kind of project… My previous only other large project has been Apple Store: Wellington Green - The Grand Opening - a video I had posted here until I realized that MovableType was stupidly parsing the damn 35 MB movie for TrackBacks or something. Anyway, I'll think of something. My Sony DSR PD-150 is too good a camera to simply act as a pass-through for my West Wing DVD-making.

One Response to "Final Cut/DVD Studio Pro, Shake, Logic Platinum"

  1. Chris I think that was on purpose... It links to the pro software section which contains the said titles. They were some killer updates too.