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BT (Brian Transeau)

I was just now entering some new DVDs and I noticed that "BT" did the music on The Fast and the Furious. BT, or Brian Transeau, has of course been in the last few Apple PowerBook ads. Interesting. Probably not necessarily my kind of music, but maybe I'll check it out later.

18 Responses to "BT (Brian Transeau)"

  1. BT is not that bad.. I'm a big fan of his older stuff like on his album titled "IMA". I saw him spin live once and it was ok.. anyhow.. I think IMA is a good album 😉

  2. I currently have 233 songs by BT for over 26 hours. He is by far my most favorite musician. Blending piano and classic feeling to his dance music then also making the perfect examples of other techno styles like breakbeat and trip hop. Frankly don't see how you can not like it.

    The extended them to The Fast and the Furious is a beautiful melding of orchestra and technology. Other scoring work he has done was as a co-composer for the music played during the British Millenial Festival and the films Go, Driven and Under Suspicion.

    So he's not your typical techno artist. Tons of training in songwriting and classical piano and music.

    Also ESCM is superior to Ima though Movement in Still Life is more accessible to newbies. Also saw him live once, way before I got into him.

  3. Whatever you do, avoid the US version of Movement in Still Life at any cost. The non-US versions of MiSL are near equals to ESCM, in my opinion, but the US MiSL is a disjoint, nearly-unlistenable jumble by comparison.

  4. The US MiSL may be less consistent in music type, I prefer more diverse, it does have a few songs not on the foreign releases that make it worth getting.

  5. Great dance music : Best track - Flaming June (off ESCM )

  6. and Fast & Furious was a terrible film.

  7. The US MiSL doesn't have "Hip Hop Phenomenon" on it. If that isn't a crime, I don't know what is. The real problem, though, is that it lacks the flow of the non-US MiSL: as a group of songs the US MiSL is good but the non-US MiSL is not only a good group of songs, it's a good album.

  8. The foreign MiSL doesn't have Love on Haight Street. If you haven't heard "La Perla Haight Street" you're missing a beautiful rendition of the song. "Chantel's Theme" is a wonderful remix of Dreaming. Both of those are on the Under Suspicion score. Finally "Giving Up The Ghost" is the money track from the foreign release.

  9. I did forget about the excellent "Giving Up the Ghost", thanks for reminding me. And it's not that I don't like Love on Haight Street, it's just that to me it sounds obvious that it was tacked onto the US MiSL in a failed attempt to make up for the awesome tracks that got left off.

    Erik: It appears that James and I are in complete agreement as to ESCM's awesomeness. Feel free to sally forth and purchase a copy of your very own with our blessings.

  10. I'll have to check for it the next time I'm in Circuit City or Wal-Mart. Would Wal-Mart carry it? I wonder. Thanks.

  11. I doubt Wal-Mart would carry it. I wouldn't know since I have a pesonal boycott against them. If I'm going to pay less money for a CD might as well do it at Best Buy where I can browse through uncensored stuff.

  12. Check out Emotional Technology stream. It's great: innovative and a peek into the future, not just techno trance beat break, but can be applied into the future of any gender of music. His work coincides with my own personal start : that is to know what you do best, and crystallize it. Thanks BT.

  13. Think Michael Jackson was a badass innnovator of style and cirriculum for music? Brian Transeau has topped my list of idols and has inspired me to change from an art major to music composition. That must mean something when a persons whole life is turned into the direction of his favorite song. Now i believe every piece of work BT's done is unexplainably perfecto! His rare acoustic sounds with a club drumbeat makes me quiver everytime i hear the sounds. I seen him live at club blue in DALLAS once and i swear i was his greatest fan that night. he spotted me in the crowd dancing my ass off and it seemed like i was the only one giving him the credit he deserved. I even touched his hand when he was swinging from some ropes the ladys dance on. It was a blast!!!!!!!

  14. Brian Transeau is my boyfriend. We're getting married and I am the inspiration for all of his music. Take that bitches

  15. BT has a girlfriend and a baby so I dont think any of you are gonna marry him somehow

  16. What is the title of that song during the movie Under Suspicion? PLEASE Help! The song thats playing when he walks in on his wife dressing at the beginning?

  17. i don't think any of the them would be BT's best ever...don't know u guys ever heard of appears in MiSL(UK version) 9th track,one he ever co-operated with Paul van Dyk...and his show-up in Fast and furious soundtrack brought a lot of fun,i can't remember when he came to beijing ,or how many times,i missed all the gigs of his,but Paul van Dyk's one in beijing i 've been to was fantastic,now BT's the 15th in DJ directory,Paul van Dyk's on the top...

  18. Hello Guys,
    BT has composed the music for Under suspicion.....i want to know the song ..... which is played in the background when henry walks into Chantal's room in the starting part of the movie....the song is also played at the very end of the movie when credits are shown....please....please someone tell me the song.....its from which album of BTs ?? please ????? ...also what is the genre of the song ???