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“Green” Declared “The New Yellow”

green_color_selection.gifNAB, LAS VEGAS - April 8, 2003 - NSLog();, in conjunction with Barzeski Enterprises, Inc., today announced that it has changed its "Highlight Color" to "Green." Said CEO Erik J. Barzeski "Green is the new yellow, and here at NSLog();, we believe in moving forward with our technology." He later added "Besides, yellow made it really hard to see what text you'd selected on Chris Pirillo's blog."

The change, made via the "General" area of the "System Preferences," will take effect immediately.

7 Responses to "“Green” Declared “The New Yellow”"

  1. I use orange myself. As for Chris's blog, I agree it's extremely hard to read, but how can I let the cappy typography choices of one many effect my highlight color?? Long live orange! 🙂

  2. edit: *one man (not many)

    Er, I wish we could edit our own comments.

  3. I think his typeface is fine. Yellow highlight against a yellow background just doesn't work. 🙂

  4. I'm an orange user too. Yellow is impossible on white.

  5. Orange for me - Too much blue in Aqua for Green.

    "Blue and green should not be seen without a colour in-between"

    Also Orange is the "opposite" of blue - so it makes a nice contrast.

  6. I'm true blue all the way. I was using green for a while, but when all was said and done, blue won it hands down. And while I'm just blathering away here, thanks for the "linky dink" on the side there.

  7. I changed to green as well not too long after I got this iBook - my first mac. With the standard Aqua theme, blue was just too much.