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American Idol: 8 Contestants

For some reason, my TiVo didn't record American Idol last night (grrrrrrr). This happens sometimes when I delete a Season Pass (Sports Night, duh, since I have the complete season now). I don't know. I've checked and all of my upcoming shows are in the To Do list.

I'll read Nick's take on this show and see what he has to say. He and I usually seem to agree on AI. Tonight I'll see who's voted off.

2 Responses to "American Idol: 8 Contestants"

  1. Hmm ... this brings up an interesting, point, actually. I just went and reread what I wrote from the standpoint of somebody who didn't get to see the show, and I'm thinking it's not horribly useful ... worse this week than usual because of the single word gimmick, but even in the standard case. At least, mentioning the songs might have helped explain things like painful notes or being outclassed by the original.

    Maybe I should be more friendly to those who didn't watch?


  2. It's your blog, do what you want. 😉 Not to say that it wouldn't be appreciated, of course, but whatever.