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Amy’s O

Jamie and I watched a Sundance flick last night called Amy's O (though the IMDB page refers to it as Amy's Orgasm). It was a cute flick that walked the line between feminism and reality (I know I'll catch flack for that one). In other words, it was a "chick flick" that put forth some, shall we say interesting ideas about relationships, but not so chick that it failed to remain interesting.

The jokes were pretty even-handed. The woman was not an angel and the man was not a pig. I'd mention some of the jokes, but they're the kind that deserve to be told within context. Haven't got much more to say on this - I'll update to link to Jamie's take on the movie if she ever posts one - just a general "thumbs up" for men and women alike.

One Response to "Amy’s O"

  1. Amy's Oooo

    I watched Amy's O with Erik last night (surprisingly, this one was his pick, not mine). I thought it was absolutely fabulous. It's typical for me to return from the "reel" world with a feeling of hemi-pathetic inspiration, and this...