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OmniWeb 4.5

OmniWeb 4.5 sp1 (sneaky-peek 1) is available to people with a valid OmniWeb 4.0 key. Yay! That includes me. I downloaded it, gave it a try, changed the default font size to 16pt to mimick PC browsers (which actually uses 14pt currently). Sites looked nearly identical in both, and I was pleased. I'll stay up on the sneakypeeks, and continue using the version(s) of Safari that I've got (ahh, being an employee has its perks).

David Hyatt, in the link above, is asking for opinions on whether Safari should use 14pt or 16pt by default. My vote, though I admit to not caring a whole helluva lot, is for 16pt fonts, simply so that things "look the same" as they do on the PC. Regardless of which is chosen, I think that it should be changeable. Older people in particular might want to set their default size at 18 or 20pt.

7 Responses to "OmniWeb 4.5"

  1. wooohooo!

    I love Omnigroup. Before Safari, I religiously used OmniWeb, and now they come with this one two punch. Every time I used Safari I'd yearn for many of OmniWeb's features... but when returning to OW, I'd want Safari's speed.

    This is excellent news, and I'm checking out the beta right now.

  2. Omniweb 4.5

    With build 4.5sp1, Omniweb is implementing WebCore, the rendering engine that Safari uses. The one that makes things fast. Oh, how I pine to use OmniWeb again. The things that...

  3. Gak, 16 point. Maybe that works fine for big monitors, but for those of us stuck at 1024x768, 16 point makes pages look cartoonish. This is one case where "because the PeeCee does it" is a really bad reason to adopt something.

  4. One more thing: one of the reason Windows browsers default to a larger font size is because their small font rendering is inferior to what we have on the Mac.

  5. Eww, 16pt is way too big. Doing everything PCs do is not always a good thing.

  6. "(ahh, being an employee has its perks)"

    An Apple employee? In what capacity? (Telecommuting?)

    Is Freshly Squeezed a sideline now?

  7. honestly, 14 almost seems too big even. i stick with 12 or 13pt usually...