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Deatherage a Doozy?

It seems Matt Deatherage's May1 article, the one following his error-laden April article, has also caused some debate, this time with Watson developer Dan Wood. I personally think Dan's constant whining2 is unfounded - Sherlock 3 prototypes and code were written well before he began work on Watson - but his points in this article are, unlike Matt's, well founded in knowledge, fact, and reason.

This part is funniest to me:

Which brings me to the last part of his article, in which he suggests that "Watson's best bet" would be for a future version to be compatible with Sherlock 3 channels.

So, one month after ranting about how developers can't read XML plists, Deatherage suggests Dan Wood adopt Sherlock's standard. In the words of Ellen Feiss: "ungh?"

Deatherage the Mac world's very own Dvorak? Let's see. Comments on things about which he seemingly knows little? Check. Redefines words to suit his own needs when questioned? Check. Runs like a girl? Check. 🙂

1 I haven't read it yet. I have it somewhere at the bottom of a pile of magazines. I'm just going on what Dan's said.
2 He's calmed down a lot lately, but whined pretty heavily after Sherlock 3 was announced at WWDC last year.